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First post on the new blog. Wait…Blogs…so 2008, but this is 2018, right?!? So here’s me starting a new blog site. Why? Well, a few reasons actually. Here’s a couple. First, they say sharing is caring and I believe this is true, especially with information. Second, this will be a personal challenge to be more thoughtful. Not like being nice. I’ve already got that covered. I mean more intentional, with critical thinking and constructive criticism. Making an effort to dig deeper than the shiny surface and understand more of the meat in the “why” underneath the “how”.  Additionally, I’m fortunate enough to have really good exposure to really smart people and cool technology. If I can take some of that experience, run it through my personal view finder, and share that with the virtualization community, then that’s going to help us all improve our professional productivity but also be a stronger community through shared experiences. Coincidentally, today happens to be “Pay it forward day”. So this seems fitting to start this off with that theme in mind.

What content will be coming? Excellent question. Some of the usual how-to installs of software from VMware, dives into Nutanix Acropolis, and virtualization related best practices. I’ve got a ton to learn on cloud topics and automation so there will be some 101 type things coming there. Plus, I hope to share career development stories, leadership insights and of course personal insights and opinions on all of it.

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