vRealize Operations 6.7 Pre-Upgrade Readiness Assessment Tool

If you’re fortunate enough to have the ability to create custom dashboards in vROps, you’ve also most likely had the misfortune of having those dashboard and supporting views get broken during vROps upgrades when certain metrics and properties are removed or replaced. This past year I was able to participate in the vROps Design Partner Program and contribute ideas and feedback to the product management team at VMware. Because of this participation I feel a closeness to the 6.7 release and the improvements it includes. One such feature is the pre-upgrade readiness assessment tool. This tool will identify dashboards, views and metrics that may be affected by changes from previous versions of vRealize Operations Manager and the latest 6.7 release. These items, when identified, will need to be manually corrected after upgrade complete but the big news is you know about any impact BEFORE you start the upgrade. No more surprises weeks after the upgrade by some app team saying their dashboard is messed up.

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